Monday, 8 October 2007

Poem - Hooked

The music he can hear from miles away
Amplifies the longing of his soul;
It hooks him like a fishing rod today
And pieces him together, to be whole.

Inside, the gentleman's heart has caught fire;
It burns a little brighter in the dark,
So next Thursday, when he changes his tyre,
Mechanics will see what came from the spark.

Tradition says that all men will rejoice;
That songs, bands, choirs, musicians can be loud.
From htere, the listeners will have the choice
Whether to believe or remain proud.

Should all men be acquainted in what's right,
Perhaps the saviour will return tonight.

Poem - Daddy's Ode

You lie care-free with your
eyes closed; I wonder what you're
dreaming, what goes on in
your head. You sleep so peacefully,
looking so innocent and sweet.
No sounds of snoring, heavy breathing
or movement disturbs the tranquilness.

In any event of trouble, nothing will
happen to you, or disturb you,
as I will be on hand to guard
your sleepy head.

These are moments in time that are
not taken for granted; I wish I could
just grab Father Time's stopwatch and
hit the switch. And as these precious
moments pass, I long for another
night similar to this.

Poem - One's Reflection

She shies away from
the mirror, unable to
appreciate what she sees.

There's a light that
glows and bounces back
at her, like a spectrum,
but she's blind to it
and can't seem to realise
how much beauty she
so radiantly beams.

A wondrous day away
with you will let me
show how amazing you are
in my eyes.