Friday, 23 November 2007

Poem - Knock, Knock

"Knock, knock", goes the door downstairs.
Opportunity knocks only every so often;
in fact, in some cases, it never does.

There's a bell on the door.
Why won't it ring?
The knocking continues and I'm still in bed.

My alarm clock's broken, so not only does
Time stand still, but
The alarm isn't working; at least, I can't hear it.

All I can hear is the constant "Knock, knock",
Like the sound of a pulse pounding.
Like the texture of one's heart beating fast.

Its bright outside but I don't respond.
The light's quite different than
Any other. Wow, I think. What is it?
Who is it? What do they want?

They couldn't want me, really, in all seriousness.
they've got the wrong number.
Him, who lived here before, he was important.
What could they want with me?

"Knock, knock" continues the door, again
As I finally get up. Time has passed,
Considerably. The knock hasn't stopped.
Not once.

"Hello", I say. "Who's there? Is it really for me?"