Sunday, 20 January 2008

Poem - Timepiece

Tick-tock, tick-tock;
the timepiece ticks away as time
moves on. Just like me.

I fasten it round me, so it doesn't
make a move.

I take the old battery out when its done
and put a new one in, so it continues to
operate and function.

Yet - no sounds comes from it, other than
silence. Not even an alarm, or at least
I can wind it back a couple of hours,
even a few days!

But the present tense - the present
situation - remains the same.

Its time to take the timepiece off;
unfasten it from me and loosen it's

Only to find its left a mark.

Poem - Dear Valentine

I wonder what you're up to,
I wonder what you do;
I wonder what you're thinking and
whose spending time with you.

My phone's no longer ringing
with your name on the screen.

My diary only has reminders
of our little thing.

My wallet has a ticket from
when I trecked it down.

Your picture in my mobile
always saves me from a frown.

Poem - Oh, the Nostalgia!

Signs of the times are passing me by.
My eyes are moist, which I go to dry
when I see a reminder, oh-so vivid
from when you came round.

The noises you make I didn't like
at the time but I long to hear them
once again.

Yes, I lost some kip from trying to
get you to quit; I would change it if
I had the chance.

I didn't want you to go;
oh, I hope it didn't show.
And I picked up your mess,
much to my distress,
because I got my hands dirty
and I got scared
how others reacted when I was

And I see what you wore in the
room next door,
which only drives my want to
bring you home even more.

How the signs of the times
proceed to pass me by.