Wednesday, 12 March 2008

12/3/08 - Getting things going

Its been a while coming but I felt it was time to make a regular contribution to my blog, as in maybe once a week. Quite a lot is going on up here (in my head) that I feel the need to talk about, maybe this'll be a way of getting it off me chest!

Like anything you're going to remain constant with, a blog requires time to add something to it. Over the last wee while, I realised I didn't have the time to sit down and make something of it; I was bogged down with all the cack of the day. But really you have to often take all the junk that gets in the way, put it aside and MAKE TIME for the cause, especially if its worth something to you.

Why wouldn't you want to otherwise?

Hmmm. Want. Desire. Enthusiasm. Motivation. (I'm partially brainstorming, by the way!)

Anyone whose ever listened to my sermons/devotions or read any of my poems may often see the metaphor of a travelling vehicle, like a train for example. I spoke the other week in Parkhead about a rather interesting tale that happened to me en route to the Youth Rally a few weeks back, about how I got onto the wrong train. (Instead of being Perth-bound, I was heading to Edinburgh - as you do!)

Recently I've been assessing how relationships - of all sorts, not just the romantic type - can be a bit like trains. After slow and patience-testing starts, they gradually get going and going at full speed whilst people linked to the journey, or the passengers, get to sit back and relax, by rights. Sometimes there are a few stops on the way but things get going again after a while. Tunnels often pop up and the train is in the dark for a brief time but, after it comes out, its clear to see out the window again. Flip, even the ticket inspector snoops about, wondering if we've a right to be sitting there to begin with! And, more often than not, the train gradually starts to slow down, the journey coming to an end, the vehicle pulls into its final destination.

Having looked back over the last two years, in particular, I've been trying to get my head round that little uncertainty period, where the train slows down after a great trip, nothing to worry about regarding getting out or off. Where the passenger has got so comfortable and adapted to his/her surroundings that its a strain to get up and off, yet you know you have to.

Its so obvious that time has come to elight - yet nobody says anything, until you get to your destination. "The next stop is _______ where this train will terminate". Call me naive but I still don't get that bit; the quiet period. Almost as if secrets might not as well be secrets anymore.

How does the driver know when to stop and when to terminate the ride? He sees the signs ahead; he's got a great big window in front of him, sure. How long does he know to go on for?

These are just random thoughts, which I'll come back to someday.

Time to make dinner....... ;-)