Tuesday, 18 March 2008

This is music


Jerry Maguire - "Secret Garden" Bruce Springsteen
Highlander - "Who Wants To Live Forever" Queen
Romeo and Juliet - "You and Me Song" The Wannadies
Forrest Gump - "California Dreamin'" The Mamas and the Papas
A Lifeless Ordinary - "A Lifeless Ordinary" Ash
Rambo III - "He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother" The Hollies
Trainspotting - "Perfect Day" Lou Reed
Control - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Joy Division
Yellow Submarine - "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" The Beatles
Billy Elliot - "Children of The Revolution" T.Rex
Shrek - "Hallelujah" John Cale
Stardust - "Rule The World" Take That
Clueless - "Change" The Lightning Seeds
The Commitments - "Dark End Of The Street" Percy Sledge
Shaun of The Dead - "Panic" The Smiths
This Is England - "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" - Clayhill

Most of you know two of my main interests are popular music and modern cinema, so its only natural for me to have a selection of tracks that have appeared in movies in my personal electronic track bank.

I didn't know until by just schimming through the songs here how many of them, through one version or another, have appeared on different film soundtracks. It must have come subconsciously to me.

To some people, music is just noise that comes from the radio, which people either sing along to in work or in the car; at times not knowing all the words of the songs, who sings them or even the title of the track to look up in a record store. To others, music is a way of life; picking up an instrument, relentlessly dedicating themselves to playing it, sometimes beyond the brink of obsession, and attempting to be a prodigy in their respective field.

What is music? Its an art. Its a gift. Its a backdrop. Its a collage. Its emotion. Its love. Its anger. Its fun. Its dressing up. Its dressing down. Its going out and staying in. Its dancing, running, lying down, sitting.
What is music to me? Its a soundtrack to life. If I'm not able to give some useless information about songs that I hear, chances are I could pin-point another time in my life when I've heard it before (provided I have!). A few months back on my Bebo I filled in the blanks for 'Soundtrack to your life' questionnaire, where I analysed my life as a film and took different tracks to be associated with specific moments or 'scenes'. The truth is I could probably fill a multi-volume CD box set with the soundtrack of my life so far, and thats only in the last 22 years!

I wonder if you've ever watched outtakes or deleted scenes of films or TV programmes where there is no music in the background, as funnily enough its all dubbed in the production stages for the final scenes. Really takes away from the flavour of it, doesn't it? Not as much life would be apparent; no comforting warmth or realistic familiarity to it.

Imagine if each day was just that: either an outtake or a deleted scene; in another words a big mistake. The script having countless re-writes and all the interesting bits ending up on the cutting room floor. In my experience, the director's extended cuts foten remind me why the classics of today became the trimmed down theatrical versions we're more familiar with; but they also raise eye-brows and a lot of what-if's. What if that character remained in the plot; what if more was done with that storyline; what if the key scene remained as initially sketched out in the rough draft.

Being a Christian, my belief is God had my life planned out from before I was even born (Psalm 139), and I reviewed this about three weeks ago while down south. Everything makes sense; every bit of the jigsaw puzzle fits into place. Every piece of music thats been important in my life has stayed with me down through the years and each track not only allows me to tell a story about them but also tells a story themselves to me.

Without being forceful or even persuasive, allow me to invite you to do this:

Think of the music that you've associated with important moments from years gone by. Revisit the soundtrack of your life. Press the pause button if need be; heck, hit the rewind control! But don't hit stop or mute. Let the music keep playing; let it speak to you; close your eyes while doing so. Turn it up loud; turn it down low.

Perhaps God is asking you to reflect and take time out....

dw :)