Wednesday, 26 March 2008

"JESUS WEPT" (John 11:35)

My mate Richard had a go a 'devotioning' the shortest verse in the Bible; I'm going to give it a go myself, because.....

last night I went to see the film 10,000 BC with some friends and, all the countless other blockbuster references aside (watch it and you'll get my drift!), the one thing about the film that really took me aback was the take it had on when men fearlessly battled for what they believed. When men truly defended their loved ones. When men were men.

And that's what Jesus was - he fought for what he believed against those who didn't believe, albeit in an unphysical manner. He stood by, and continues to stick by, the ones he loves. And yet he remains arguably the finest example of masculinity.

What drives men, more than anything, is emotion (probably not as much as women!) and emotion is the glue that binds them together; the motor that keeps them running; the adrenaline pumping inside them. And sometimes, that emotion can turn into tears; into openly breaking down, weeping like a baby.

Whoever said that "real men don't cry"? After all, Jesus wept.

What is weeping/crying/bawling? Its a release, isn't it? It is the literal breakdown of a mountenous building block; the melting of a mask; the removal of a real guise (no irony intended). One of the most powerful tools that the church uses for stirring emotions is music, which comforts and sometimes confronts us in the form of Christ himself.

But isn't that ok? Yes gents, remaining masculine and strong keeps us being men - however, the same way "Jesus wept", so can we and that can be the missing link between man and Christ.