Sunday, 20 April 2008


(Okay, its after midnight on a Sunday going into Monday morning, so I'll see what I can come up with here....)

Stories of any kind have a lot of ups and downs, don't they? You can use a number of metaphors to illustrate them: rollercoasters, yo-yo's, ladders, even thermometers.

When I was in high school, the building for our music department had this staircase that went from the ground floor up about twenty feet to the first floor, into this big massive room which was mainly used for classes but also concerts and recitals. The staircase had seen its own share of stories and dramas, such as the teachers telling naughty students to stand outside or they took them out to give them a telling off.

On the other hand, it had some happier moments, such as students walking out of their music exam glad it was over, walking up the stairs to audition for school shows or waiting to be let into the classroom by the teacher, amidst the queue of your class, while messing about with your mates. My personal favourite was giving a Christmas card to a girl a bit younger than me and I'll never forget the smile on her face and apparent gratitiude; it beat anything Santa could bring.

Recently I've been doing a lot more exercise by jogging and swimming. My flat doesn't have a lift in it - its got three flights of stairs and I'm on the third floor. So you can imagine how I feel climbing up three flights after doing my Rocky Balboa-style run for half an hour! Man, its a killer. And whatsmore, heading up and down the stairs in my exercise gear - old t-shirt and shorts - can feel slightly daunting when your neighbours are on the other side of the stairs. I mean, who wants to be in a closed stairway in your shorts when someone you hardly know from Adam is walking by you??

It would be a cliché to say that life is like a staircase; it wouldn't be wrong but I think 'life' is too general a term. That's just me personally commenting. In my eyes, I would say faith is definitely like a staircase. Think about it:
  • ok, so there's the ups and downs side to it but thats not all...
  • people walk by you regardless of what direction they're going - essentially people come and go as they head either way
  • you'll be put in awkward, sometimes even embarrassing, positions that may make some sort of an impact but all you can do is walk on from it
  • you'll have some good and bad memories but the bad thoughts will make you stronger and the good thoughts will be like pictures in your photo album. Treasured.
  • whichever end you come away from the staircase, you get there by the grace of God. In one piece and just the way He planned it.

And, as I head to my bed, that's how I reckon faith resembles a staircase. Or vice-versa, I dunno lol; too tired to think.

Blessings :) dw