Sunday, 27 April 2008

Who is Jesus?

I was asked the other night by my friend Thomas, whose in charge of the SA's ((deep)) concept, to having something prepared for the event of the same name at the end of the month. He asked me to be able to answer a question on who I think Jesus is.

So yeah, no pressure or anything!

Its certainly got me thinking; here's a few brainstormed bullet points I've come up with....

- Jesus is my best friend; he's celebrated with me in the good times, heck he's been responsible for the good times, and he's been there with me in the bad times. Even when I needed my space, he was there.

- He's my tag-team partner; always watching my back, reminind me of important things that I need to do. I remember someone was using my kitchen once to make dinner and, just before I left them to it, Jesus tapped me on the shoulder and went......."Um Dan, you've still got last week's left-over chips sitting in the oven!" AAHHHH!! And what a state they were! So, as quick as a cat, I ran in, chucked them in the bin, ran out again and acted like nothing happened. Smooth. And thats only one example as how he's watching me!

- He's the instant messenger buddy that's always online. He's never busy, he's never away, he's never out to lunch - you know, lol - and he's definintely never offline. He may not always have instant answers to your prayers; sometimes you could be doing all the talking and he's silent. But that's ok; he still hears you. Always.

- He'll hopefully be my boss one day too - for those of you who've read this weeks issue of the Salvationist, it says in one of the pages about how "Bandsman Daniel Wray....has had God reveal to him to be an officer". Amen. Who could want a better boss? Who could give better perks, better appraisals, better tasks? Who could give a better one-to-one?

- He's my dad. He gives me advice, he tells me when I've gone wrong, he doesn't just lend me his shoulder to cry on but he gives me it. And half the time, I don't even deserve it.

- He's my light in the darkness; he even said so himself and his own best friend John wrote it down (Jn 8:12). He said "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life". Whenever things are dull and uncertain, he shows the way by one flick of a switch.

- He's my estate/letting agent. He provided me with a roof over my head when I got to Glasgow two years ago. Its a wee flat in Parkhead but its great. I love it. Its all I need. Is it a chic magnet? Hmmm, somehow I doubt it. But I don't need an Imagine or Supernova Heights-type mansion; my friend Jesus will provide me with "mansions of Glory and endless delight" once I get to "sing with the glittering crown on my brow" (SASB 357, v.4)

I'm sure I could say more but I'd be here all day. Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing when talking about Jesus - but there's a four-legged furball that needs some attending to!...

dw :)