Saturday, 31 May 2008

Thoughts on Matthew 9:9-13 (Youth Band devotions - May)

Everyone of us, at some points or another, comes into contact with "sinners", or people more inclined to the secular world; and that's great. Whether it be work, school, college or simply getting on the bus or train, there's an immediate contact and an opportunity to minister to people. Social activities with non-Christians will be fairly frequent as well. and there's the chance that, if word about this gets back to Mum or Dad, or Granny, or someone in the corps,they voice their disapproval - "Oh, he shouldn't be hanging out in that crowd! Dear goodness he'll be led astray!" etc.

It could just so be that you're there among those people by design, for Jesus has told you to follow him, follow his plan, by being a witness for him and he has said "Follow me" to your friends or colleagues through you. "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick". I understand not everyone in here (the practice room) wears senior uniform but, regardless of what rank you are or how long you've been going to the Salvation Army for, you've been "called to live, to love and save the lost". The S's you see on the uniform - 'Saved to Save' or 'Saved to Serve' - states you're exactly that hen you put it on. And even when you don't physically have it on, we must be mindful of the promises we signed to God and remember that we are his for witness.

This requires setting an example, being the type of Christian that "sinners" are comfortable around, so they may see Christ through you. Its not always easy, thats fact, but God is always there to guide you, as are your Youth Band locals and helpers when you need us. Lets be mindful guys that we will stand out to people and they will notice something different about how we conduct ourselves and from there, if we make the most of what opportunity of ministry comes our way, it'll be for the extension of the Kingdom.

dw :)