Tuesday, 12 August 2008


I want to show you a picture - this was taken just off Alexandria Parade in Dennistoun, Glasgow...

Its something else, isn't it?

Its just an old East End building; its seen better days, it could probably tell as many stories outside as it does inside. I don't even know if its a church building or if its connected to anywhere at all but, needless to say, the moment I saw the big white sign, I was struck. And when I moved closer to it, I saw the barbed-wire and I couldn't have been awe-struck anymore!

A couple of things came to mind:

Christ's crown of thorns when he hung on the cross

The old with a touch of the new

The contrast of darkness in the bright, beautiful sunshine

Barriers we put up between ourselves and Jesus.

I know there'll be many more from many other people who walk by this building or look at this photo. For those of you who happen to visit the West Scotland Divisional Youth Band's bebo page, you can now catch it as the front profile image (www.bebo.com/wsdyb). But if you'd like to leave any comments or thoughts about what you see, and what it means to you, get in touch.


dw :)