Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Three new poems - hot off the press! 10/12/08 (part 3)


Christ be with his people - the young and the old,
Christ be with the world - their story still to be told;
Christ be on the journey home - his mercies I will take,
Christ be in my heart today - his praises I will make.

God be in the industry - to keep my living strong,
God be in the social scene - prevent me from all wrong;
God be in my house tonight - His presence: let it flow!
God be in His house tonight - and let his kingdom grow.


Three new poems - hot off the press! 10/12/08 (part 2)


Off I go to pastures green,
for the best is yet to come.
I'll be sorry to leave you
all behind, but it appears me
work is done. I'll save you
a spot next to me when you
get here later on. But now,
I must bid you farewell, with
the setting of the Son.

My maker called me here today
and I feel in better shape;
the promised land - at last,
I'm home and now I see
my dad! He picked my
number up this morning, so
I could make my way home.
For all the world, and all
its people, be still - the battle
is won.

I served a saviour immortal
and now I'll serve him more.
To be home with Him is such
a joy; I remember being taught
this when I was a boy. My own kids
I taught the same to them and
look how well they turned. When
you come home, I'll make sure none
of yout bridges there are burned.

Three new poems - hot off the press! 10/12/08 (part 1)


The beauty of His grace is
something I can see but not
something I'm able to touch.
It drops like a bolt out of the
blue; it commands with an all-too
familiar iron-will. It draws me
nearer with the movement of
His spirit.

The beauty of His grace is
never too far away, wherever I
may go. It covers me with an
awesome presence. It looks at me
and makes me nervous. Its
different and fresh, yet comforting
and pushes my senses. I want some
for myself.

The beauty of His grace is
like the season of winter: whenever
cold and feeling low, a slice of
the cake - a word from the mouth -
becomes my blanket and the core
of my happiness. In the days that
lie ahead, I give my grace back to the
Lord, for His renewal.

The beauty of His grace is
friendly and approachable. Its
inviting and settling, I want some
for myself, but there's plenty to
go around. Never in a lifetime
does His grace compare to anything
else; its beauty only matures
and sustains.

The beauty of His grace is
the last thing I hear before
my slumber. Oh sweet disturbance,
I will not complain, for it is a
reassurance of its presence. Move
with me, beautiful grace; remain
in my life and be fruitful now
and forever.