Saturday, 13 December 2008

Two more new poems - 12/12/08

The water works

Daybreak has arrived and the sun
is rising for another day, adding brightness
to the darkness present everywhere you turn.

I've travelled across the city this morning
just to catch a glimpse of what posesses
so much serenity and peace. With and
without my glasses on, the beauty I see
doesn't compare to anything else; for the
rainbow has fallen and the colours rise,
heading to where the opposition reside.

As I get a little closer, I can see
that the water works at the Waterworks
and it longs to cleanse me whole. The
rainbow rises for me today because of a
promise made that I wouldn't be alone.
All tempestous climates have concluded,
thus allowing the sky to be clear again.

Everytime I get a little closer, the
spirit whispers in my ear: "In you plunge!
Return from the waters a different person",
because the water works for those who
test them, and all tests shall be passed.
The flying colours - all seven of them - will
shine brighter than ever before.

My morning couldn't get any better, for
it was faith that got me here. My faith
is fluid too and overflows throughout the
course of the day.


Its now no longer me that just
calls you but you also call me too.

I remember the moment my mobile rang -
and your name appeared on the screen!
My goodness, Lord! What are you playing at?
Your sense of humour has come into play.

Everything now seems to good to be true
but its really nice to know there's a two-way
thing going in terms of contact.

How happy I was to see your
name on the phone; without me making
the initial approach on this occasion.

When we have a little conversation, I can
feel the connection that I've longed to
have since the moment we met. Your name
in my phonebook now has its own ringtone!
The song itself speaks of new beginnings
and the power of mutual faith as the glue.

Oh, the smile that appears on my face;
the spring that is activated in my step!
The feeling that covers me whole.

Next time I see you, I doubt I'll tell
you all this but a wee thank-you for your
acceptance should really say it all.

Two new poems - 11/12/08

Split second

With one split second, the whole
world could change dramatically and

But, with God by my side, He tells me
which way to go and when. And with one
split second, everything that I worked
towards could turn into something
unbelieveable and beautiful.

But I'm not the type of person to take
a gamble on it all; for I've been told
by He above that I should take some
extra care.

Someday, I will stand in front
of Him and discuss where I shall go;
with His guidance, He will tell me where
I have to go.

But within just one split second, all my
plans could be rearranged; and temptation
stands right next to me, looking good
and saying stuff that other men could
quickly over come - but I'm not other men.

I'm a Christian and I stand for only One.


Here I am, with a word to say;
with so many thoughts going on
in my head. With my eyes shut
and thinking of what I want, my
desire is to know you more and
to have a closer relationship;
closer than what is there already.
Its times like these when you realise
who matters the most. You matter
to me, so much more than I had
already known. All along, You were
here and, from the get-go, You were
there. Come now; make it real to me.
More real than how I already know.

This is what I long to tell you and this
is the part I keep hidden from the world.
They don't need to know but you do;
You already know, you can already tell
whats going on. I have no choice in the
matter but to communicate it to you as
I should, so I should. Yes, I should.
As you sit down next to me, there's
no-one else I'd rather be next to. No-one
else I'd rather talk to Nobody else I could
share all this business with. Nowhere else
I could turn to with the luggage I need to
unload. Nothing else in this world would
make me feel better than to know you
hear every word I say.

When all is said and done, I will walk
away with a weight lifted off my shoulders
and I will turn to look towards the future days
that lie ahead of me. I will stand firm and
be hapy with how you make me new again;
no wonder everyone that turns to look stands
in awe and amazement. Throughout the rest
of my days, I want to walk by your side and
for you to watch out for me. I know you have
done already but the end is nowhere near.
My trust is in your hands; you will treat it
well and manage it without abuse. What
happens now will be perfect and the way
you want it. That's all that matters to me.