Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Poem - Argyle Street

Everybody's been here for a
period of time and momentarily
walk up and down or drive on
through to wherever they may be
destined to get off at.

One way in and one way out,
the people walk and drive about
but don't stay long. It would be
wrong to spend more than two
minutes at a time.

People come from down below
and others do not even know
what way they're going; they're still
growing older and the young folk
are much bolder, as you see.

A sign says "Everything Must Go"
but none of them inside you know
where they'll be heading. They are
heading off to different pastures.

When someone from the past walks
by, its easier to let on you're shy
or that you didn't see them pass.
Another little memory lasts inside
your head forever.

Production is the key to this:
the travellers score and homebirds miss
the point in why we do not stay
that long or sing a song.

Mission is still possible 'til
six o'clock, before the shops
close down until tomorrow, leaving
shoplifters to scheming and the
junkies keep on dreaming.

Precious moments pass until
the moment comes to last a
little longer than the people there;
they walk on and don't even care,
'cause this is just a brief stop.

Commuters from east will
travel west today and vice-versa;
they will stay for one night only,
heading home alone and lonely
back along Argyle Street.

How they need a rock to build
their hopes and dreams on; solid
land instead of sand but they
just march to their own drumbeat.

One way in and one way out,
the people walk and drive about
but don't stay long. Another
little memory lasts inside
your head forever.

Poem - The Big Chief

He waltzes in with all the ambition in the
world, literally; the places he says he's been
speak for themselves. That is until the big man
opens his mouth. He's seen and done it all
- supposedly! - no corner of the world has been
left unvisited; no stone in his sight has been
left unturned. He's rubbed shoulders with crims,
he's avoided doing time. He attempts to deal
with cash and, yet, all day long he talks
trash. For some, he keeps them amused for
it prevents a painful sense of bore but, come
time to clock out and leave, my head is
feeling sore! This is not defamation and I'm
sorry to say its no hallucination. "Well, basically,
the thing is, right...." nobody's backside could
be anymore uptight. If anyone else in the world
is a moan, they've now met a match with the
king of groan. The stock goes up and his
shares fall down. I couldn't care less - for
I've more important things to be worrying about.

While we're in the middle of a gloomy recession,
I'm forgetting if I made an impression. While
he's out trying to make some gold, I'm
having to do what I've been told. The bank
manager is getting a migrane and others
are being driven insane! Doesn't matter
anymore, its neither black or white, the
whole situation at hand is not .... alright.

The madness is only going to get
worse, for an old lady calls
about a stolen purse. So, once we
attempt to answer her call, the big
chief says something that makes her fall:
he says, "Listen up, you silly old
biddy; none of this news will make
you feel giddy!" But once we
stop your details from spreading
out, we make a promise you'll not
have to shout. And if you call back
to be told something wrong, they're
singing off a sheet from a different song".

It's become clear to everybody present that the
story goes a little something like this: a fifty-
something year old high-flyer has hit and missed.
What's the point of hanging out where your peers
are young? Because chances are, everything we want
to do, you've already done! What's the matter, has
nobody bought any of your stock? Just like us,
they probably thought it was all a crock. And as
for the family, well that's if they really exist,
its time they lived the perfect life, not down
in some abyss. My senses tell me all's not done
and more is on its way; if that's the truth, then
what's the point in calling it a day? Beginner's level
is for those who haven't got a clue; I'm thinking
maybe this is either applicable or true!