Monday, 22 December 2008

Poem - A wiseman's tale

It came from out of the sky: beaming
brightly, shining unlike any other
light even dares to beam remotely.

The light started to move and
it spoke to me: it said, "You,
follow me, for there is a journey
to be travelling". So I travelled
along the journey. The light that
beamed down on me wa so bright
that everything else around me was
dim and dull. Darkness was at
pitch black.

As the light moved on, so did
my feet. Times whre there many when
I wanted to give up. Oh, the
occasion when I stopped for a rest.
My goodness! I didn't even know
where I was going. The darkness
around me left no indication
towards any direction which was
to come. This was surreal.

Lo and behold! The light leads
me to a place of shelter, whre
warmth is present, as are people
from all sorts of backgrounds. They
each have their own agenda.
Me, I still don't know why I'm
here; for its no longer as dark
but the dullness still remains once
I walk into the shelter.

Suddenly, the light is back -
and its inside this place where
we can take a seat. Over by
the corner, the light is even
brighter, yet its now safe to gaze
into it more without fear of
damaging my sight. Why should I
even worry? It will be healed!

What shines right before me
couldn't possibly contain anymore
beauty and peace and hope
and love; for he is here. The
very one we have waited for!
The light that guided me to
where I am sits before me and
challenges me to kneel.

A wasted journey, this was not,
by any means. This was the walk
that you and I wanted so badly
and now we've done it. He is
here, we are here and now the
darkness is gone. There is visibility
and a clarity of epic proportions.
Nothing in the world is anywhere
near this scale of awe.

What better gift is there; yet
the gift I present in return is
myself; my soul; my spirit.
Down I kneel to place it at
his foot, to keep. It no longer
remains in my posession, for before
it was filthy and unclean. Today,
on this morning, it is cleansed. It
is PURIFIED!! It is his and His.

When I go home, we shall be one
and in union forever more; that will
be the greatest gift on offer.