Thursday, 12 February 2009

3/2/08 - some thoughts sitting in Starbucks...

I found it interesting that the choice of this evening's Lifegroup is to be at Frankenstein's, at the bottom of West George Street. Not a venue I've actually been in, if I'm honest, but to hold a bible study and spend time with some great people there is an honour and a priviledge.

When I got the text through about it, the Frankenstein bar/restaurant stood out and it reminded me instantly, not of the monster whose image is immediately recognisable, but of the Doctor; the mad scientist who created the famous creature. Here was a man, very intelligent and ambitious; well-educated and came from a good family. And yet, the hunger of developing experiments got to the point where he wanted to create life. In essence, he wanted to play God ad create life-forms in the form of a human being. In the process, he did this by piecing together remains of dead bodies, thus attempting to resurrect the dead but also caused mayhem in his home village, as his creation was monstrous and was on the hung to kill. The monster is a devotional thought in itself, which I think we could all identify with but Dr Frankenstein stood out for me because of his somewhat warped desire to be responsible for a living creation.

As we know and, as touched on, his monster was not exactly peaceful, beautiful or natural and, as hard as he tried, Dr Frankenstein was not God when it came to creation. As we are reminded in Psalm 8, God's creation among the heavens, the moon and the stars (v.3), as well as us living, human beings (v.4,5) are blessed with so much with what else he's given us. What he's given us is to appreciate all of his creations everywhere we look - and its imperative to remember and share that.

Frankenstein's monster is a popular Halloween character but, after Halloween on the calendar comes Thanksgiving, a few weeks later. Lets be thankful that we're not amongst the creations of a psychotic physician but the great physician: healer, creater redeemer and Lord.