Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Back to the blog! (after all this time)


Greetings to you all.

I thought I'd get this blog back up and running for a couple of reasons: one because I started this page up two years ago with the intent of making a consistent communication via the world wide web to those of you able to access it and, two, because a lot of things in my life have either recently happened, are happening or about to happen which I think require some sharing. As well as giving me the chance to "vent" it! And why not? Everyone likes a story to tell.

You have to know me or have some sort of association with me to have clicked on this page as I haven't publicised the blog link on large posters or mult-million pound dotcom conglomerates or corporations. Communication is something I think I'm relatively strong in but promotion wouldn't be as much. I guess its mainly because I'm not an in your face character or the type to ram who I am proverbially down your throat. However, this is my page and you're welcome to read at your own will!.....

As I write this blog, I'm sitting in Esquires Coffee House in Glasgow's Hope Street. About an hour ago, my gorgeous other-half Sarah and I went to a travel centre to check out flight prices for an impending trip to Australia next year. Sounds great, doesn't it? We started looking at quotes the other night on the net and, put it this way, the good Lord is truly blessing us in ways of planning and getting there. I like to travel and, even though the extent of my travels so far covers multiple parts of the UK/ROI, various European destinations and the sunshine state of Florida, I've always fancied going somewhere seriously far-out. Like the moon. At this stage, the moon doesn't seem that likely, but Down Under to my girlfriend's place of birth and upbringing is perfect. Growing up, when watching soaps like Neighbours and Home And Away, I wouldn't have thought that one day I'd be in that same piece of land. (I was going to say "not that far away", although that's not strictly true!...) I'm really excited about this. Mental note to self: all I have to do now is schedule a trip to see Christiaan in Holland now.....

What is faith? To me, faith is something that requires belief without necessarily being visible. Without giving the impression I'm getting all religious here, lets use a synoptic comparison: believing in something that you can't actually see. Lets say, for example, you wake up in the middle of the night and you want to get a midnight snack from the fridge. For some reason, you've got it drilled into your head that the particular snack you want isn't in the fridge. Maybe you don't even think the fridge is there next door at all! So you keep getting hungry and are too stubborn to do anything about it; even to go and see if your food of choice is in the fridge or if the appropriate cooling apparatus is actually in the kitchen. What are you going to do about it? Starve? Phone out for a takeaway? Tell your flatmate/partner to make somethng for the two of you while lying in bed? What are you going to do about it? Would you even want to believe and, more importantly, be open to the belief that there's a fridge next door with nutritious, ateable items of consumption just waiting for you? I'll let you work that one out.....

New beginnings, new pairings, new unions. Beautiful, right? Some might say yes, until things become not so pleasant. Define pleasant. I say its pleasant if you want it to be. In the last couple of months, I've been to three housewarmings and two weddings. Before that, I hadn't been to one housewarming, ever - even one for myself! - and the last wedding I was at was my uncle's in December 2004. Maybe its a coming of age thing. You know when you were a kid you used to wonder what making adult decisions in adult lives would be like? Its almost as if, now adult life has come about, its like "Ahhhh! Decisions, decisions!" What's the right decision to make?! Fair play to those who've made decisions of the afore-mentioned nature; they're not light ones to make.


At time of writing, I'm in the midst of putting together some birthday surprises for a few close people to me in my life. Do birthdays ever lose their excitement? In truth, I think they do: my 24th was celebrated in Orlando earlier in the year. To say that I actually got to spend my birthday in Disney World and Universal Studios, all on the same day, is like a big rude hand gesture up to millions of children worldwide but, hey, it was my birthday, so ha-ha! :-p On the other side of the celebration theme, I think there's no better than feeling than organising someone else's birthday proceedings. I try to be a generous guy anyway but knowing that someone is going to smile at the thought of what you've put together for them is a great gift in itself. Especially if they're special to you. Even in tough times, where circumstances are neither ideal or what you were prepared for, everyone's entitled to a bit of birthday love!!

I'm going to see my favourite film at the cinema tonight! The Godfather is showing at GFT, and Sarah and I are going to spend a few hours in front of textbook film production. I challenge anyone to find me a better movie combining top-notch acting, music, art direction and production anywhere else in the field of movies. Ok, so that's a slight exaggeration, but if a film means a lot to you, you're going to promote it 'til kingdom come, right??

Ovation vouchers from work came through the post today!! What to buy, what to buy?.... WrestleMania XX seems tempting! Any other suggestions?.....

Have a good day one and all.

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