Saturday, 10 January 2009

Poem - Substance

Yesterday, I owned a pair of shoes;
today they sit at the bin, worn out.

Last week, I had a ticket to fly away
but, this week, I'm still here because it ran out.

A few months ago, my credit was interest-free!
This month's bill is in, reminding me nothing's free.

When I was a child, I owned many toys.
Where are they now? My playtime is no more.

In my teen years, I had the best video games -
before technology advanced and I was left behind.

Once upon a time, this was a happy home!
Today, in its place, is a half-empty house.

Mum had a parcel arrive, saing "Fragile".
I now see why, for rattles inside.

Loved ones seem to come and go....
Jesus is still here, didn't you know.