Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Poem - Organ grinder

The monkey does his thing, performing
away for the audience who spectate
this little affair. His chief executive
stands in the shoadows, directing all
that goes on; with authority and directness.

One can't change little mannerisms or
habits of an authoritive measure when
many are influenced either for better
or for worswe, albeit silently. Still, the
monkey is keen to challenge and conquer.

All the organ grinder does is vocally
direct and dictate, until one day, his
apprentice decides to change the game's pace;
for the real boss is revealed upon his
departure and lack of independent status....

Poem - Take-off!

Sounds and noises coupled with
rhythmic ongoings produce the
beginning of what happens next.

Any second now, a rocket will
go sky-high, taking optimism
with it, leaving behind negativity.

One must wonder how to be
like the rocket - open up and
receive beauty and goodness.

Heavens above and multiple
galaxies spread out, allowing
escalation and elevation united.

Poem - A richer man

Today you will go from here
a richer man:

Blessings have been poured out.
Prayers are being spoken, as
well as being answered.
Sins have been forgiven; one's
redemption wipes the slate clean.

In another moment, long ago,
times were miserable, somewhat
borderline pathetic; now, things
have changed considerably. Amen!

What happens now is crystal clear,
minus fear and loaded with cheer.
The spirit wins again!