Thursday, 19 March 2009

Poem - An Irish memory

To many, there will be one unforgettable
moment-in-time, describing day gone by in
the emerald isle, unique and incomparable
in comparison to any other.
It may be in
the rain: skies of grey bursting apart
with clouds erupting, soaking all walking
below. Those who require cleansing from
above, in need of moving on.
an ounce of grace handed over to the
unhappy tourists, disappointed by what
transpired on their visit. Unequalled
in every structure of home, for there
isn't any place quite like home.
the grateful and goodness in those
remembering all who appreciate special
times, most of which still yet to happen.

Who can forget? A memory such as this:

peace, tranquility, hope and optimism,
all wrapped into one parcel of faith and
presented to the already gifted one, who
depends on what they see.

Like a picture on the wall, completed
by cross-stitching and effort, it looks back
thinking all is truly well.