Sunday, 22 March 2009

Poem - Union Canal

Heading up the ways, to get a
clearer view of the ochills on the
other side, we pass a sight so
new, yet so familiar. A fresh
feeling combined with God's wry sense
of humour he playfully interjects in
times of soa operaesque moments this
world cries out for.

We see the river that normally
flows along - but today, its come
to a halt! Imagine that: time
standing still without a trace of
movement, when the intention and
blessing of union is explicit in
the name. More so onwards, the
image becomes even more striking
as nature takes its course via
alternative movements of life:

Birds singing, young couples out
walking, squirrels climbing up and
down various trees; each form of
living animal subsequently in search
of the union necessary in fulfilling
their creator's prophecy - to revive
and restore; not dive in where its
sore. As the water floats along,
so do "what if's" from before hand,
silently into yesterday.

Poem - A mother's love

A mother's love is whole and pure
like lying snow on a winter's night.
Its spotless, clear yet strong with
many emotions filled behind the frost.

A mother's love forgives for worse;
she dismisses not a sinful child.
Accepting features, warts and all,
behavioural or visually present.

A mother's love, a solid rock,
a fleet ship's anchor: they are one
with one another as a unit,
keeping me at bay from drowning.

A mother's love is ever present;
the past has proven precisely and
my future days are strengthened
by her understanding nature.

A mother's love replaces never,
nor retracts throught tempests tossing.
In times of darkness, hail or
cloudburst, she is my compass guiding.

A mother's love will win the
battle should my opposition strike;
when at peace, my mother's love
remains and wraps around me.